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Leah Kennedy, CMT

About Me


A 2001 graduate of the San Francisco School of Massage, where I am currently an instructor, I have extensive training in cranio-sacral therapy, reiki and pre- and perinatal massage. I also specialize in on-site corporate massage, helping employees manage stress and alleviate body pain connected to the office lifestyle. I love body work and love the relationships I build with clients, getting to hear their stories and having the chance to be part of their healing process. And Iā€™m an anatomy geek ā€“ the landscape of the human body fascinates me, the mechanics of how things move and change. The movement toward health and healing is a consistently surprising and delightful exploration.


My holistic approach has been shaped by my own path toward physical and emotional health. A dancer and athlete in my youth, my life was drastically altered when I was hit by a car in college. After experiencing chronic pain for many years ā€“ and trying every known modality under the sun to alleviate it ā€“ it was a massage therapist who was ultimately able to help me. Body work introduced me to the power and responsibility I have in my own healing. That experience informs my approach: I help people to find a pathway to greater comfort for themselves. Body work is a collaborative process, a conversation, in which we both show up to create greater comfort, ease and overall balance.


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Prenatal Massage

As a massage therapist and teacher of prenatal massage at the San Francisco School of Massage, I have extensive experience working with pregnant women, and am equipped to do safe, deep work at any stage. I also work with women who have complicated or high risk pregnancies.  Supporting women and their families through their postpartum recovery is also a passion of mine. As a mother myself, I am intimately familiar with both the blessings and challenges of the birthing process and am uniquely qualified to create a safe, supportive space for women going through these profound life changes. Contact me for more information: