Leah Kennedy CMT, CBE

A licensed massage therapist and bodywork instructor with more than 17 years’ experience in private practice, I’m adept at meeting my clients exactly where they are. Whether deep tissue, myofascial or subtle body work is needed, whether you’re working with issues of repetitive stress, athletic injury or body changes connected to pregnancy, I offer warmth, expertise, relaxation and a sense of humor to help facilitate a holistic healing process. 

Over the 40 weeks of pregnancy, a woman’s body is constantly changing. Hormones are shifting, weight is gained, joints become more flexible – prenatal massage can help with the adjustment to these structural changes as they are happening. Getting skilled body work throughout pregnancy can help adapt and maintain good posture, which promotes strength, comfort and ease in a time when these things are vitally important. It has been proven that relaxation throughout pregnancy leads to less complicated births and stronger, healthier, calmer babies. Receiving the support of an experienced bodyworker in the days, weeks, months and even years after pregnancy can ease the physical and emotional strains of new parenthood and postpartum recovery.

CAMTC# 20464

I have been supporting women and their partners and families through pregnancy and labor for 15 years, as well as attending births and facilitating post partum recovery. I offer private consultations for clients who, after having attended a Childbirth Prep Class, still have questions, would like some one-on-one coaching, or who want a refresher for their second, or third, or ....nth time around. This individual attention ensures that you get your specific concerns and questions addressed and have your goals and vision supported.